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Animal Cookies HTFSCE Sauce | 1g

Indica HTFSCE Sauce

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Animal Cookies HTFSCE Sauce | 1g

These High Terpene Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts have been crafted to perfection! HTFSCE is a spectacular extract filled with an abundance of terpenes and all the natural components of the original plant. The goal of this extract is to produce an accurate representation of the Marijuana plant in a delectable extract form. The best way to use this product is by dabbing. HTFSCE does not have insanely high THC concentrations like other standard concentrates and extracts; however, HTFSCE is still sure to provide users with a fairly strong high! The average THC content of HTFSCE is around 40-60% and is balanced out with an average 20-40% terpene content to ultimately create a potent product that is super flavourful and delicious!


Animal Cookies is a delectable strain created from the combination of Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. This Indica dominant strain is full-bodied and quite impressive. Animal Cookies is very relaxing and will allow both the mind and body to drift off into a delicate trance-like state. Medical benefits include relief of pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms and depression.

Animal Cookies is wonderfully sweet and pungent strain filled with subtle alder and maple undertones. As this product is a HTFSCE, the terpene profile is numerous and diverse, making this product one of the most flavourful on the market!

This High Terpene Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract is a high strength product when it comes to the general consumption of THC; however, when compared to other extracts, this product is fairly average in potency.

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