Blue Lime Pie

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Medium to High Strength Hybrid

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Blue Lime Pie is a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid that is the result of crossbreeding between Key Lime Pie and Blue Power. This strains genetic origins are international, reaching the corners of the world from Afghanistan to Colombia and Mexico, South Africa to Thailand. Blue Lime Pie is known to have strong euphoric effects that will have you feeling as calm as a cucumber with sparks of creativity. The high has been described as very energetic with feelings of happiness that are certain to lead to an unprecedented attack of the giggles!

Best Use
Blue Lime Pie is a fan favorite with patients looking for relief from chronic pain, appetite gain, and insomnia. This strain has also known to do wonders for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression, with strong uplifting and calming effects. Blue Lime Pie is a great weekend strain and primed to take your leisure time to the next level. Users can expect the worries of the work week to fade rapidly after a toke. This strain is great for sharing stories and laughs with a friend, followed by afternoon snack time and finishing up with a sneaky nap. Try a slice of Blue Lime Pie for dessert any night of the week, you won’t be disappointed!

Blue Lime Pie is a wildly flavorful bud that has a sweet and sour flavor profile very reminiscent of its parent’s lineage. Onc can expect tastes of sweet vanilla and fruit finishing with earthy tones of spice and pine. Often described as tasting like a cookie with a lime twist, Blue Lime Pie is praised for its smoothness and of course, oh my, this strain is sweet as pie!

Buyers Beware this strain can be incredibly beneficial medically to regular consumers, however this strain could prove to be overwhelming to those less experienced user. This strain comes recommended to seasoned tokers for fond experiences of happy moods, laughing attacks and level 4 munchies! Enjoy a slice of Blue Lime Pie today, it won’t add inches to your waistline, but is sure to satisfy your sweets craving!  


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