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Animal Crackers Black Label Pre-Roll | 1g

Premium Pre-rolls crafted for easy consumption
Indica | 1g
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Animal Crackers Black Label Pre-Roll | 1g

Flower Pwr Premium Pre-Rolls are a wonderful option for members on the go. These pre-rolled joints are only rolled with premium cannabis flowers and come with a strict “No Shake” standard ensuring only the finest puffs are being enjoyed.

Strain Information
Animal Crackers is an Indica strain made through the cross of Animal Cookies x The White. A deliciously crafted strain, Animal Crackers offers long-lasting effects that are both cerebral and bodily. Animal Crackers starts with the cerebral effects, offering happiness, euphoria and bliss. The body high comes second, offering tingles in the hands and feet, sneaking into your body before dumping you on your couch and leaving you totally locked there. Prepare to get introspective, because you won’t be moving for a while.

Animal Cookies has a rich, nutty and woody flavour to every draw, with undertones of spice, sweetness and vanilla. New pine is apparent to those with a discerning palate.

The Animal Crackers Black Label Pre-Roll by Flower Pwr is a medium-high strength Indica product. We caution new users to start slow and increase dosage accordingly.

Medical Effects

Medical benefits of the Animal Crackers cannabis strain include momentary relief from chronic pain, depression, muscle spasms, chronic stress and appetite loss or nausea. The medical benefits of Animal Crackers cannabis stem from it being an Indica product. Numerous scientific and medical studies have confirmed the benefits of Indica products. Indica products are praised worldwide for providing sedating and relaxing effects accompanied by an increased appetite and a decreased stress level. Indica products are the perfect option when looking to unwind and decompress after a tough day!


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Animal Crackers Black Label Pre-Roll | 1g

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Animal Crackers Black Label Pre-Roll | 1g