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Sensi Star Gold Label Pre-Roll | 1g

Premium Pre-rolls crafted for easy consumption
Indica | 1g
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Sensi Star Gold Label Pre-Roll | 1g

Flower Pwr Premium Pre-Rolls are a wonderful option for members on the go. These Pre-rolled joints are only rolled with premium cannabis flowers and come with a strict “No Shake” standard ensuring only the finest puffs are being enjoyed.

Best Use
Sensi Star is an award-winning strain of international renown (Cannabis Cup: 1999, 2000 & 2005). This Indica Dominant Hybrid is a potent ‘one-hit quitter’ that is best avoided by the novice smoker. Fast-acting and powerful, Sensi Star is instantaneous, offering upliftment and euphoria from the very first draw. Soon followed by a deep body stone, Sensi Star will unkink every knotted muscle and soothe every ache on your way to utter relaxation. Useful to those suffering from insomnia, Sensi Star will offer sleep aid towards the end of the high.

Sensi Star has a very interesting flavour profile with pepper, herbs, citrus and cedar apparent in the nose. When lit, Sensi Star offers earthiness, sweetness and pine flavours in the exhale.

Sensi Star is an Indica Dominant Hybrid strain (70% Indica / 30% Sativa), with levels of THC reaching 21-27%, this pre-roll is loudly calling your name.

Medical Effects

A potent reliever of chronic aches and pains, Sensi Star can help even the most hopeless of cases. Best used as the sun is setting, Sensi Star is often chosen to help alleviate chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Sensi Star has even been reported to help manage migraines, persistent headaches and mood disorders. Occasionally chosen as an appetite stimulant and an aid to those with PTSD, Sensi Star is somewhat of a medical all-rounder.


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Sensi Star Gold Label Pre-Roll | 1g

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Featured image of Sensi Star Gold Label Pre-Roll | 1g
Sensi Star Gold Label Pre-Roll | 1g