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Shishkaberry Pre-Rolls | 5 Pack

Top-quality marijuana perfectly rolled and ready to smoke!
Medium Strength Indica product
5 Pre-Rolls | 2.5g per package
Earn 350 Stash Miles


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Shishkaberry Pre-Rolls | 5 Pack

Strain Information
Shishkaberry is an 80% Indica dominant strain crossed with DJ Short Blueberry and a mysterious Afghani Indica strain. The switcharoo effects of Shishkaberry will have you soaring into space with a euphoric cerebral high before snapping you back to reality with a swooshing body high that will leave you sleeping like a rock. Shishkaberry is known for its luscious strawberry aroma and super potent high with a THC level reaching up to 27%. Shishkaberry buds are dense, long and a blazing shade of royal purple-tinged with olive green. This cannabis strain is like a freshly plucked bouquet that will scintillate all of your senses!

Best Use
Shishkaberry is a powerhouse of a strain that will successfully knock you out like Mike Tyson if given the chance. Shishkaberry will have you grinning like the Joker, while splayed out on your couch finding amusement in the most mundane of items. This cannabis strain is perfect for dreary days when you’d rather curl up on your couch before giving in to a deep slumber. Shishkaberry creates an epic sensation of laziness that will leave even Garfield envious. Shishkaberry is also perfect for relieving stress, body pain and insomnia due to its potent body high and sedative properties.

Shishkaberry’s flavour profile is respective of its name. Sweet, luscious berry notes that have been lightly dusted with a powder of herbal earthiness hits your tongue on the first hit. Shishkaberry’s uber pungent berry smell fires up your nostrils, leaving you with a heady sensation of happiness.

These Grape Ape Pre-Rolls are a medium-high strength Indica product.

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Medical Effects

Shishkaberry is the ideal cannabis strain for medical use due to its high potency with a THC level of 27%. This cannabis strain is adept at blanketing you in a cloud of euphoric happiness, helping those who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress. The strong body high that Shishkaberry produces is also great for combating chronic pain, migraines while also aiding users with chronic conditions like Parkinson’s. The strong sedative properties of this cannabis strain create a wave of sedation that creates a deep sleep without any interruptions. Shishkaberry’s aroma and flavour are also known to increase appetite, which makes this cannabis strain useful for those who have nausea or eating disorders.


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Shishkaberry Pre-Rolls | 5 Pack

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Shishkaberry Pre-Rolls | 5 Pack