CBD Death Bubba

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Indica Dominant Hybrid (80% Indica / 20% Sativa)

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CBD Death Bubba is a magical strain truly like no other! CBD Death Bubba is bursting with herbal aromas that hints heavily at its abundance of health benefits. CBD Death Bubba is the perfect strain for achieving levels of happiness that are truly out of this world! With 2:1 CBD:THC, this splendid strain is sure to provide users with all sorts of relaxation and relief. CBD Death Bubba is a phenomenal strain created by combing the heavy Indica Dominant Death Bubba with the highly CBD potent Afghani Strain. The results of this combination is breathtaking and has created a strain with just the right amount of THC and CBD to both heal and relax your mind and body!

Best use

CBD Death Bubba is an Indica Dominant Strain making it ideal for evening use. The Indica effects are quite relaxing and a tad sedating; however, the high levels of CBD will keep users from burning out or falling asleep in the middle of a party! CBD Death Bubba is best smoked when looking for some deep relaxation and mental rejuvenation.


CBD Death Bubba has a potent herbal smell accompanied by a delectable earthy and subtle mango undertone. CBD Death Bubba tastes fantastic on both the inhale and the exhale! The draw is quite smooth, making CBD Death Bubba the ideal strain for first time weed smokers and connoisseurs alike!

CBD Death Bubba provides a medium strength THC high in addition to high strength CBD effects. CBD effect from this strain are similar to those of pain killers and can be used to soothe aches, pains , soreness and stiffness! 


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102 reviews for CBD Death Bubba

  1. Camillevanille22
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Very good product, would order again.

  2. Allymay
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Great smoke when you’re having a chill night

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