Disposable Vape Pen | Limonene | Bt

400 Pulls (2 Seconds/Pull)

Earn 360 Stash Miles


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Disposable Vape Pen | Limonene | Bt

This Disposable Vape Pen is filled with Citrussy Limonene terpenes and has been combined with only quality ingredients as to create this fantastic fruity flavoured vape juice ! Our suggestion is to enjoy a small slice of orange while smoking this fragrant vape in order to draw out the entirety of the flavour palette.

This great little discreet and sleek BT Disposable Vape Pen is a simple and hassle free way to enjoy a quick hit of THC no matter your surroundings! No chargers, additional cartridges, or separate batteries are required to vaporize. BT Disposable Vape Pens pull smoothly and are ideal for a no-mess smoke sesh. The Vape Pen by Bt contains 0.5ml of pure THC Distillate, processed with MCT Oil.


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