Strawberry – 1g Cart by High Tops

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These pre-filled High Tops are a nice spin on the originals. An excellent light strawberry flavour that tastes fairly natural. Great choice for the vape-mates out there. Like the other High Tops, these tops are always loaded with more than 1 gram of liquid shatter.

Best use
Like strong Martinis, one is never enough but two is too many. High is talkative and good for getting things done.

Light strawberry taste.

High strength

*You need a vape battery to use High Tops


The prefilled High Tops contain 1.2 grams of liquid shatter. They have been sourced from a group who have been producing high-quality extracts in British Columbia for the since 2008.

They are a highly filtered product with only the slimmest traces of particles remaining; the only flavouring added is natural terpenes, which help liquefy the product. The tops are made from glass and are universally threaded to work with most of the vaporizers on the market.

Recommended Usage: These are versatile vape tops and can be used anytime anywhere. They are discreet and if taken in small puffs give a nice clean stone. These are social, yet strong and are used by some of our creative members as productive support.

102 reviews for Strawberry – 1g Cart by High Tops

  1. Renslip2.1
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Love the high tops!

  2. Guntarg
    Rated 5 out of 5

    These high tops are my daily go to, from micro dosing throughout the day, or for a discreet high when a joint just isn’t practical. What surprises me the most is how long they last. Using a few times a day, I get more than a month out of one of these. By far the best value. The taste is good, effects are great. I’ve bought many of these, and have no plans of stopping. Best product for the money. Hope they keep these for a long time.

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