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Green Mini Frit Double Donut Sherlock Handvape

Double Donut Sherlock Handvape

Earn 1900 Stash Miles


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Green Mini Frit Double Donut Sherlock Handvape

Vapor Stones are designed to fit perfectly in Health Stone Glass pieces. They have a slight taper from the top of the Stone to the bottom. Make sure you insert the Stone correctly with the smaller bottom side going in first. Do not apply pressure when inserting you stone. When inserted correctly the stone will drop right into place. The Stone will easily drop out of a clean glass piece by holding upside down and tapping the bowl into your palm. Once used the residue causes the stone to stick inside of the bowl piece. To remove a stone from a used glass piece, simply heat the stone by taking a normal inhalation from your glass piece and tap your stone out as it will be hot. Blowing on the stone will cool it in seconds.

Vapor Stones are 100% inert, meaning they produce absolutely no smoke or vapors of any kind.  Concentrates absorb into the Vapor Stone and Vaporize out of the Vapor Stone as soon as sufficient heat is applied.


  • Handvape & Vapor Stone Included
  • Use with a Double or Triple Butane Torch Lighter
  • Frit Patterns May Slightly Vary From Photo
  • Complete Length: 5 inches
  • Assembled by Zoltan
  • Made in California


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