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VVV – Ice Wreck Rosin

This Rosin is made from Ice Wreck Flowers grown in Beautiful British Columbia!  

With a searing cerebral high and a deep physical body stone, Ice Wreck’s dramatic name serves as an accurate description of its potent effects. Ice Wreck’s flowers give off a fresh, woodsy pine scent. On the exhale, this rough smoke carries a piney, peppery flavor. What follows is a suddenly cerebral mindset that can be good for the kind of freely-associative thinking that lends itself to both task-based analytical work as well as more freewheeling, creative brainstorming. Ice Wreck also brings a buzzy energy that’s great for accomplishing an afternoon’s worth of errands or a similarly mundane activity like cleaning.

Because the THC in this extract is not fully decarboxylated, it could be eaten for the benefits of THC-A without a pronounced psychoactive effect.

This high-end Rosin has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 82.4% Cannabinoids!  This includes 79.2% THC!  

We have determined this is a 50:50 Hybrid Strain from the following resource:

It is currently offered in One Gram glass jars sealed in mylar.

Rank Canabinols %Value
2 Δ⁹ THC 26.1
1 Δ⁹ THC-Acid 53.1
4 CBC-A 0.61
3 CBGA 1.57
5 CBG 0.34




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