Mazar Sharif | Afghan Hash

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Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash originates straight from Afghanistan. This particular batch of Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is exclusive as it has travelled from far abroad to join our lineup of premium extracts! Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is high quality, soft and pliable, and is sure to provide users with an intense and amazing high!

Best Use
Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is the perfect addition to a joint or a quick sneaky puff on the back deck. The high provided by Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is quite heavy and sedative making it ideal for evening or night time use. Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash will melt away all types of chronic pain and various other ailments all the while providing smokers with an exceptionally euphoric cerebral experience!

Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash maintains a light flavour that is not far off higher quality hashish. Upon first inhalation earthy flavours will be evident, quickly followed by more light and fruity notes.

Mazar Sharif Afghan Hash is a High strength Indica Dominant product.


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3 reviews for Mazar Sharif | Afghan Hash

  1. Defy82
    Rated 5 out of 5

    The real deal, sticky , gummy. Great. I used to steal this exact hash from my mom when I was a shitbag teenager in the 90’s. Just got her a 3.5 and she loves it. Thanks Stash club!

  2. Francoise
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Reminds me of similar hash I had many years ago when it comes to taste but this Mazar Sharif hits harder then I remember. Excellent product. Thank you.

  3. TheGuyWho1
    Rated 5 out of 5

    AAAAA grade stuff guys! And i thought i liked the Purple God! ABSOLUTELY will be buying again in the future! Thanks a million guys!!!

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