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Purple God

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Organically Grown Indica Dominant

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Interest/uniqueness/lineage Purple God really has everything you want in a nice indica. It carries the juicy sweetness of Grape and the earthy feel all-around your body stone from the indica God Bud parent. The clean flavour changes from citrus to grape due to its influence from its indica-dominate parent; God Bud. Very nice tight purple buds that are worth a session.

Best use
Day or night, the hybrid makes it usable at any time or occasion.

Juicy Grape, Sweet Berry, Skunky

Medium-High Strength


This strain delivers a well-balanced high. Some swear by this strain’s relaxation qualities while others fell a euphoric and energetic buzz. So how you use it will really depend on how your body reacts to it. This is quite a strong indica. However the high doesn’t last too long which can be nice.

They are nice crystally sweet smelling buds. Loads of nice flavour and colour.

If your looking for a puff this is a good choice selection.


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