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Sugar Cookies Special

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1oz (28grams) – Hybrid Grown in BC

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This amazing Sugar Cookies hybrid has a perfect balance of flavour, strong effect, and amazing bud structure. The wonderfully pungent cookies are tight and compact but long and finger-like. With it’s hints of mint and strong potent effect, this exceptional quality bud won’t last long.

Genetics: [ Girl Scout Cookies (mint pheno) X Sugar Chunk (Sugar Loaf (cannabiogen) x Chocolate Trip (Dutch Flowers)/Deep Chunk)]

Best use
Great hybrid effect, good for daytime or when you need to relax

Sweet, Vanilla, Floral

High strength

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This is a true achievement in growing and cultivation. This crop has the marks of a master craftsman’s delight. The Sativa strain is strong in this one and an excellent source of CBD.

Like clean rich vodka, if tasted in moderation it can be a great cure to many ills. Dipped in too deeply and you will be taken by it.


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