Stash Club is very excited to introduce our latest fresh to market, exotic strain: White Death Bubba. This Indica heavy hybrid has a very strong odour, effect and taste. This strain starts with a fantastic out of the bag appeal. When you first open things up you are immediately hit with a strong skunky odour overlaid with a potent Kush aroma. These buds also smell very fresh with a strong sharpness which most likely comes from a mix of sourness in the White Widow combined with added sour from the Death Star as it is crossed with Sour Diesel. When smoking, the taste is heavy and coats the mouth. The flavour is very similar to the smell commonly attributed to your typical delicious Kush taste. Sour and woody notes are quite strong so the flavour is significantly different from your typical Death Bubba. Herbal, incense flavours abound in the taste which is nicely balanced with sweet pungent and skunky aromas. It burns smoothly with good white ash. Tasty all the way to end of the joint, out of the bong, and has a long lasting amount of good flavor through a vaporizer.

There is a multitude of effects here with the combination of strains. Starting with White Widow, a South American Sativa crossed with a South Indian Indica, world-renowned for its very pronounced crystal saturation and euphoric happiness. Keep in mind, the Death Bubba is a cross between the Indica Sensi Star and Sativa Sour Diesel with the latter producing similar effects to the White Widow. With its Sour Diesel and White Widow influences this strain lifts you up out of your current troubles preparing you for the full body release of the Death Bubba combo. This strain definitely creates an immediate clarity and focus often attributed to White Widow. Creeping up over the brain journey, the Death Bubba brings you back down to earth as you start to feel very relaxed. Smoke enough and you get a state of blissful sedative creativity.



The effect is definitely very Indica leaning but not completely couch lock. As mentioned, certainly more of a cerebral effect at first but still quite heavy, as it develops, it’s great for relaxing as the evening lingers into night. In terms of pain, this strain works more as a distraction at first, later on though the much stronger pain alleviation capabilities start to kick in. There is also a nice balanced effect on appetite, not overpowering at first but definitely lends well to eating later on as the munchies kick in. Also of note, unless you keep consuming this strain it will eventually put the body on slow mode, so don’t expect to get much done as the effect progresses.


On the whole, this was a very enjoyable new cross and comes highly recommended as a top shelf or quad offering. We would definitely add this as one of our all timefavourites.