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The Art of Cannabonsai

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The Art of Cannabonsai

The Art of Cannabonsai

The galactic stoner coaster of life continues its wild ride. We at Stash Club have decided to increase our communication frequency with our membership, and we'd love to hear from you about any subjects you'd like us to explore. Your interests and preferences matter to us, so don't hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions with Stash Club.

It's been just over a month since we reopened, and we've been hard at work on behalf of our membership. However, it sometimes feels like waking up creaky after a long winter's nap. Unlike many other cannabis companies out there, we are a small family business that has never sought investors or international backing. We deeply appreciate your patience as we regain momentum in our operations.


In the spirit of sharing, I recently indulged in some Pink Kush, which happens to be my personal favorite. I enjoyed a delightful session with my friend Manny at the Amsterdam Café. Manny, whose work has been featured in High Times and has garnered a substantial online following, has truly mastered the art of Cannabonsai.  

Cannabonsai is the art of growing cannabis plants in the style of bonsai trees, and it has gained popularity thanks to Manny Oyarce, a resident of North Vancouver. While he didn't invent the practice, Manny's captivating photos went viral on Reddit, leading him to publish a book, amass a massive social media following, and even establish a side business.



Manny is a creative genius who embodies the spirit of good vibes. It has been an absolute pleasure to learn more about his passion project, which he began during the Covid pandemic. He has generously documented the process and created a wealth of educational materials and starter kits for anyone interested in transforming their seed or clone into a work of art. The best part is that you don't need much space to get started. Manny uses a compact 2ft x 3ft x 8ft tent in his closet. However, if that feels like too much effort, you can explore pre-made options or try growing a smaller version on your window sill.

Creating a cannabis bonsai is not an overnight endeavor, but with a couple of months of care and attention, you can have an incredible masterpiece in your hands.

Oyarce's journey began with experimenting on cannabis seeds, which eventually led to the creation of stunning plants. He pursued cannabonsai as a hobby, emphasizing that the experience is more about cultivating a relationship with the plant and enjoying the calming, peaceful process rather than solely focusing on the end product for smoking.


The artistic nature of his plants even earned him an art gallery show at New Amsterdam Café, where his remarkable creations were displayed. Thanks to a viral photo on Reddit, Manny gained thousands of followers, inspiring him to create a guide for others. His book, 'Cannabonsai: A Beginner's Guide,' was published in April 2020 and has since sold over 20,000 copies. Despite the success of his book and online following, Manny doesn't intend to pursue cannabonsai full-time. His passion for coaching gymnastics and concerns about the volatility of building an internet brand have shaped his decision.


Feel free to visit Manny's website to learn more about this captivating art form. It's a wonderful reminder of how creativity can add that special spark to our lives. Keep bending, Manny!