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White Hat Sourcing | Part Two

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White Hat Sourcing | Part Two

White Hat Sourcing | Part Two

In the event you didn’t read part one, we left off with my conversation with Yasha, one of our former Legacy Suppliers who is now growing under a federal license to produce. To summarize, Yasha was able to send over some strain samples to our Head Offices. 

In Part One, we learned that business-to-business sampling is limited to being shared from farm to processor (which is what our license is), in a maximum amount of 5 grams. This makes it challenging to properly survey the work done by the farmer. In the legacy days, we would view “pics” of a crop which are 226 grams. These ½ lb bags would make rounds through a network of “brokers” that brought packs out to local stores, allowing shop owners, cornerstone, and apartment dwellers a sampling before spending a few thousand on a pound at a time. The regulated market works in Kilos and grams instead of pounds, but still, California’s influence on the market is still seen as most stores break up their crops into Eights (⅛ -3.5g aka proper blunt size); Quarters (¼ - 7 grams) and Ounce (28 grams).

Currently, if you decide that the sample meet expectations, there are six different forms that need to be shared, filled out, and passed back and forth between accountants, QA's (Quality Assurance People), shippers, receivers and pack lords. Then each company has their own process to accept what was sent and do the final grading of material. Just a few more steps than the legacy market, but at the end of the day, it guarantees quality and no issues with the crop.

Craft Kings impressive, state of the art facilities.

Access to data such as COAs (Certificate of Authenticity), lab results, chain of custody, and social media all provide major benefits to cannabis consumers of regulated products. All this data allows our system to manage recalls easily and ensure with high degree of clinical certainty that the products we are ingesting are safe. But in terms of the effect on our individual cannabinoid system or how it simply makes us feel, each crop or product requires some experimentation. When we are selecting and grading the samples that come through the door, it is impossible to replace an experienced set of eyes and nose. Final judgement should always be boiled down to the smoke test. 
Even if a sample of banger looking platinum kush caked in trichomes and a high THC level arrives, if the flush wasn’t done correctly, or the humidity control on the cure was not managed properly, then the results will be an bitter tasting, black-ashed joint that causes a harsh burnout; none of which will be mentioned in any lab report. Yes, it is hard work but someone has to do it hehehe…


Making Strides

I digress, the trip the ‘wet’ coast of Vancouver Island and a return to the Gulf Islands were a success. We procured a few crops of craft that we are excited to share with the membership. These will be online exclusives available only to Stash Club members. 

The Blunt Bros and the Craft Kings have delivered some quality work and we are excited about future collaborations with them. Both companies are in different stages of their respective journeys, it will be interesting to follow the progression of their work and genetics. 

The crops of Grape and Lemon that were grown for us by Craft Kings’ are quite distinct. Stash Club Grape has bag appeal and high THC that reminds us of the old Purple Space Cookies (if you know, you know). It has a distinct punchy old world grape with hints of a Cali gas that makes you smile before busting up the fluffy crystals. The Stash Club Lemon has the highest terpene percentage we have seen to date at 6.8%. We have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of crops and the terps on the Lemon is triple what we have seen from other farmers. Coupled with a clean smoke, we are confident that the picky cannasuers of Stash Club will be proud and keen to share with friends and family, or maybe, hoard it themselves. Although the THC percentage isn’t as high as other offerings, the terpene profiles is so strong that the entourage effect delivers like a potent batch of high THC. 

A sneak peak at Stash Club Grape

Our Newest Partners

The Craft Kings facilities in Sooke are incredibly advanced for a small batch production. These cats appear to be consistently refining their game and have been working well with Motherlabs on maximizing their genetics. The Aroya platform they use is another example of how their Master Grower, Kyle Windle, and his team is using iterative and detailed approach.


Kyle is a fourth-generation green thumb who got his love for growing from his grandfather. Raised in the Comox Valley, Kyle has been growing cannabis for 10 years and believes that a good grower is a craftsman just like an artist.

The Aroya platform provides them with a huge amount of data points and integrated support which allow them to refine their craft to a mad scientist level. The farm was immaculately clean and the vibes of the workers we met were up-beat and professional. For those interested in advanced cultivation management systems, check out the Aroya platform here. 

In Part Three, we will travel to the Gulf Island where we were able to source some banger Flawless Victory with off the charts THC levels.