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Why is Medical Better than Recreational?

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Why is Medical Better than Recreational?

Why is Medical Better than Recreational?

Why is Stash Club Better than ​the recreational government stores? Access is key. It doesn't matter if you are living remotely, on the road, or simply don't like the smell of your local store. Simply put, Stash Club can deliver cannabis to the furthest reaches of the nation much faster than the recreational market allows. This fact alone translates into our membership gaining access to freshest cannabis products possible. Listed below are a few benefits of shopping with Stash Club vs. your local store.


Get Access Before any Cannabis Store in Canada.

Our members get access to cannabis products before any cannabis stores. We use the federal medical platform to our advantage; we work directly with growers and producers to access their cannabis and extracts before they go to government warehouses. Recreational stores purchase their products from the government warehouses where product often sits for months, degrading in quality and potency.

As a result, we’ve completely eliminated the government middle man! Our members get their products months before they hit the recreational store shelves, ensuring flavourful terpenes and fresh products. We know our membership understands that Fresh is best - and at Stash Club, we’ve been finding fresh since 2016!



Wider Selection than Cannabis Stores.

Generally, we offer a wider selection than most local cannabis stores. That said, we are working tirelessly to expand our selection, and we recognize there are gaps in our menu. We had over 3,000 cannabis products on our site in our heyday. It is quite expensive and time-consuming to build that level of inventory. Also, you don't want to have crappy stuff just so you have a wide selection. Everything should be up to our members' standards, or we drop it.

Paying for your Weed is easier and Safer in the Legal Market.

Let's admit it, e-transferring your hard-earned money to a grey zone company was never a comfortable process. Sure, once you built trust, it was okay… but there was always that doubt in the back of your mind. With Stash being legal, we accept all major credit cards. We even go a step further and now offer Cash on Delivery! 

Access to Craft Cannabis Growers & Makers.

Due to our OG network and the nature of the medical licensing platform, we can provide members with craft-scale access to producers. Many of the provincial governments that feed provincial retailers have huge mandatory minimum order sizes. This excludes a lot of small-scale craft cannabis producers from accessing the recreational market. The system was originally designed for large-scale producers, think the Labatt or Budweiser's of the cannabis industry. Until the industry adjusts (which will take quite a while), we will remain one of the best options in Canada to get fresh craft cannabis and BC bud.

Richer Information.

We all know the old saying "You are what you smoke". Having a depth of information about the farms and production methods of your cannabis products is something we should not take for granted. Gone are the times of secrecy and shadows, as exciting as it was. We no longer need to worry about ingesting harmful metals or pesticides. On top of that, if you are passionate about a particular aspect of farming cannabis or extraction, you can hone in on those details through our expanding search and product listings. Heck, you can even find out who grew it, where it was grown, what soil it was grown in, and when it was harvested! Week geeks LOVE it!

Compassion Pricing and Free Weed Through Insurance.

We offer compassionate pricing to help our members who are suffering from severe illness or financial hardship. If you are part of a particular health insurance plan or union, you may be able to access up to $3500+ of free weed. If you are a veteran, the same access applies! Simply contact your Blue Cross rep and let them know you want to shop with Stash Club. You would have to inquire directly with our customer service team to see if you qualify. But, as a medical cannabis provider in Canada, we can offer free cannabis to those eligible.


Access (eventually) to exclusive brands and products. Our leadership team has been working for years on our eventual legalization plan to make it as fun as possible. It will take some time, but we are working with sourcing, finance, and partners to get some products and strains our members love approved by Health Canada and available for our membership. We appreciate the support and patience in the interim. Stash Fam for life!


The best part of when Stash Club was going strong a few years ago was the community that was created. The amount of experimentation, love shared and learning that happened was inspiring. We were able to make good contributions to the knowledge tree. We look forward to seeing how we can continue to share our insights and musings with one another as we get things rolling again.


The reviews and hangouts with members that I enjoyed is my personal favorite aspect of Stash Club membership. The sense of humour of our membership has and the depth of members’ insights have always been enlightening. We should dig some up. Favourite part of the job was simply reading reviews for too long. When you go to the store it is harder to access this level of candor and insight.

It’s the same, but different.

All the Cannabis found on Stash Club technically could be sold in an Ontario Cannabis Store or the Ottawa Canna Cabana store, but given our medical status, we can offer club benefits the recreational market cannot, like fresh flowers, which have not been sitting in government warehousing for months before sitting on the store shelf for who knows how long.

I am proud of the work to date by the Stash Club team and industry partners. Next goal - getting our medical platform to become the global standard for medical Cannabis access! We are just over the start line and the future is bright. 

Peace and Love Fam!